the titanic

went back in time to dismantle the bomb that blew a hole
in the hull of the titanic and the goddamn boat hit an iceberg anyways

- drowned in the freezing cold unforgiving ocean
and history didn't seem to give a fuck

that's white people - trying to assassinate hitler
but he's just capitalism
and you can't stop that with a bullet to the head
might as well machine gun a tyrannosaur rex to make all the difference in the world

- the history of time travel is a story of white people
perusing vanity projects that don't much amount to anything
meanwhile one billion chinese don't need a time machine
the future is already theirs

- better give it to the black man if you really want to shake-things-up
anything less and you're kidding yourself
"Japs and Nazis Win the War"
doesn't really cast the same pall in the shadow of that

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