we are the only ghosts left alive

"You haven't the least or feeblest conception of being here, and now, and alone, and yourself.  Why (you ask) should anyone want to be here, when (simply by pressing a button) anyone can be in fifty places at once?  How could anyone want to be now, when anyone can go whening all over creation at the twist of a knob?  What could induce anyone to desire aloneness, when billions of soi-disant dollars are mercifully squandered by a good and great government least anyone anywhere should ever for a single instant be alone?  As for being yourself - why on earth should you be yourself; when instead of being yourself you can be a hundred or a thousand or a hundred thousand thousand other people?  The very thought of being oneself in an epoch of interchangeable selves must appear supremely ridiculous."

~ ee cummings

"Letter writing is an intercourse with ghosts, not only the ghost of the receiver, but with one's own, which emerges between the lines of the letter being written... written kisses never reach their destination, but are drunk en route by these ghosts."

~ Franz Kafka