'gulf oil spill'

everyone is falling all over themselves to pretend they care
about some oil spill in the gulf right now...

i give it one more week
i give the 'gulf oil spill' one more week
and then the 'gulf oil spill' goes the way of 'darfur'
and no one knows what you're talking about
when you say the words 'gulf oil spill'

or maybe
everyone gets nostalgic about
how they remember the 'gulf oil spill'

or maybe
how they used to be all about it
but now everyone is all about it all the time

someone said it is 2010 and i'm having a flashback
the 'gulf oil spill' is just like having a flashback
to 'that exxon-valdez thing'
someone actually said this out loud
and in public and to people who heard it

all i want to talk about right now
is 'things covered in oil'
i'm all about 'things covered in oil'

if you would like to talk to me about anything else
anything else like 'kids in darfur'
before i could even think the words 'kids in darfur'
they would need to be covered in oil